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There is no other place like American Taproom in Singapore!

40 active taps guarantee the liveliest beer rotation on the Island.


Our taps are overseen by Founder and Certified Cicerone, Johnny Christensen, who is known for his heavy IPA rotation. We are constantly rotating our line up to ensure a varied and ever-changing list from one day to the next to give you a unique beer tasting experience every time you step into American Taproom. 

Our beer-boards are constantly updated so customers are always informed about what is available on tap. You'll find something new on the beer-boards every time you visit. 

Following us on Facebook, Instagram and Untappd will also keep you updated as soon as we tap a new keg. Here at American Taproom, we are committed to bringing our customers the best and most interesting ales and craft beers. We want you to be able to explore the vast flavours, textural, and aromatic landscape of beer and ales from the comfort of our homey taprooms. You'll never have to wander or wonder, just drop into a comfortable barstool at American Taproom for the freshest, most diverse craft beer selection in Singapore. Guaranteed. 

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Beers on Tap Today

To see what beers are on tap today, click 'Beers on tap today'.

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Stay up to Date

With our taps constantly rotating, any craft beer connoisseur can take advantage of the ever-changing taps. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with our daily craft beer updates directly from Untappd.


You'll also find our specials and any business/opening hour updates.

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