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American Taproom was founded by three beer enthusiasts with more than 30 years experience running busy bars, bustling restaurants, and active beer retail and distribution businesses.  We aren’t just in the beer bar business, we are in the beer business from nose to tail and we can’t wait for you to love beer as much as we do! We realized this passion by recognizing the critical importance of proper beer service, and how this comes to our customers through a team of servers with the knowledge, the love of each and every beer on tap to keep, pour, and serve not only great beer but a great beer experience!


Each and every one of our servers behind the bar is a Certified Beer Server (Level 1), certified by the Cicerone Certification Program.  American Taproom also has 2 of the only 6 Certified Cicerones (Level 2) in Singapore to help curate the selection, and ensure you’re experiencing beer at its best!


Bar Manager/Founder

Johnny Christensen | Level 2 Certified Cicerone

Coming from an extensive F&B and craft beer background in the US, Johnny is one out of the six Certified Cicerones that can be found in Singapore. He is the main figure that oversees operations at American Taproom. Johnny is also the owner of the retail craft beer store, Beer Force, that is located in Holland Village.


Outlet Manager & Team Leader - Max

Maximillian Charles Pereira | Level 1 Certified Beer Server

With a whopping 32 taps aggressively being tapped at all times, we are well aware that choosing a pint can get overwhelming very quickly! Chill! Max and the team of friendly faces behind the bar have got you covered! They will usually start by asking you about your preferred taste profile; whether you prefer something light or dark, followed by your preferred style character, fruity or clean, spicy or funky, light or more full-bodied, and if it's dark, whether you want something more coffee or chocolate flavour notes.


After getting to know your tastes and preferences a little better, they will try to recommend a beer that will make you happy. They'll be able to help make pairing recommendations as well based on what's available on tap and the extensive American Taproom menu. With their extensive knowledge of craft beers, we are sure that they will definitely be able to find the right one(beer) for you. 

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